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One thing that makes Miami so cool is, it’s a melting pot of different cultures.

No band mirrors the personality of the 3-0-5 better than Xperimento.

Deco sat down with two of the X Men to find out what makes their music so sultry and sexy.

Xperimento has been rocking the SoFlo music scene for over a decade.

They chose their name because that’s what they do with their music: Experiment.

Camilo: “We decided to kind of doing something of our own and the name Xperimento came from us, you know, just experimenting with different sounds and rhythms.”

What they came up with is a natural mix of Latin American styles.

Emiliano: “We had so many different cultures in our band — Argentina, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Colombia, Venezuela — so we decided that we wanted to experiment.”

Their songs come from whatever mood strikes them at the time. If they’re feeling it, they know you will, too.

Emiliano: “We have no limits. We go for it, and we don’t have anybody telling us, “You guys have to be in this genre. You guys have to do this and do that.”

The band’s music is a perfect fit for the city they call home.

Camilo: “Miami’s like no other city in the United States, really in the world, and just being here the vibe of it’s kinda like 24/7/365 like summer.”

Xperimento’s definitely had some shows to remember.

Like the night they jammed with Prince.

Emiliano: “He asked us if he could perform with us, and we couldn’t believe it and just jumped up onstage and played.”

Or the time Emiliano played a hot trumpet with Ricky Martin.

Emiliano: “It was a crazy experience to be able to be next to him and learn so much from him.”

The group’s got another major gig coming up Friday night: Jamming at the Live on the Plaza outdoor concert series at the Arsht Center.

Suzette Espinosa Fuentes: “Xperimento is Miami right there. They’ve got this Miami flavor, this Miami vibe and that’s what it’s all about. I mean, what better to spend a night underneath the stars enjoying their music.”

Camilo: “Ever since this place was created, I’ve always looked up to it as, like, “one day,” you know, and now the day is here.”

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