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SOUTHWEST MIAMI-DADE, FLA. (WSVN) – A dog owner is searching for her poodle three months after he was dognapped from her front yard in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Surveillance cameras appeared to have captured a delivery driver scooping up the dog, and Alexandra Herrera filed a police report in hopes that someone will help bring her dog, Winter, back home.

Winter joined Alexandra’s family in winter of 2018.

Two years later, a delivery driver picked up the white poodle with the hazel eyes and an unusual brown nose after he escaped his Southwest Miami-Dade yard.

“Around nine or so, my mom got up, let him out,” Alexandra said.

But he took longer than usual.

“I went outside and I couldn’t find him anywhere and my heart dropped,” Alexandra said.

That was Dec. 19, 2020. She and her family had only moved to the community about a month before, so it was the first time meeting the neighbors

“We spoke to one of our neighbors and he was like ‘Yeah, actually I saw a girl pick up a white dog and she was asking whose dog this was but I didn’t know,’ and he wasn’t going to know because we just moved here,” Alexandra said.

A doorbell camera gave them their biggest clue: a woman dropping off a grocery delivery in a white car.

“You just see him walk to the mailbox and like sniffing, she got out of the car. Like I said, he’s super sweet and a super happy dog, so he just rolled over and let her pick him up,” Alexandra said.

Herrera checked shelters and hit social media to try to find her dog — Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and lost pet apps like Shadow Paw Boost and Finding Rover. Nothing.

She thought police wouldn’t care about a lost dog and didn’t file a report until she says a Miami-Dade Police investigator reached out on Facebook.

“She’s been helping me so much. She went to our neighbors and spoke to them again, she got the license plate, she checked the cameras around here; things we can’t do because we don’t have access to that,” Alexandra said.

In the meantime, Herrera has put Winter’s crate outside and stashed away his toys because seeing them without him was too painful.

“It felt like I couldn’t give up on finding him. It just feels wrong to give up on him because I see a lot of people who find their dogs years from now. I have hope she’ll give him back,” Alexandra said.

Winter does not have a microchip, so Alexandra is offering a $3,000 reward to whoever can bring her dog back home.

If you have any information regarding Winter’s whereabouts, call Miami-Dade Police.

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