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People have been cooped up for a year, and they’ve been jonesing to get out for some late-night fun. Now, everyone’s in luck because there’s a Miami hot spot that’s giving you a safe after-hours experience.

When you walk around the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, you get a taste of nature and SoFlo history.

Rebecca Peterson, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens: “We have 10 acres of formal gardens and historic house. It’s been a museum since 1953.”

The gates usually close at 4:30 p.m., but once a month, you can hang a little later.

Rebecca Peterson: “Vizcaya Late is our monthly extended hours. It’s an opportunity for people to get outside together safely.”

And since Vizcaya wants you to keep coming back, each late-night event has a different theme.

One month, it may be a family night. Another may be all about local artists like Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo.

Sebastian Duncan-Portuondo: “Vizcaya is so instrumental in creating a place where families and artists can work together to create beautiful things.”

Rebecca Peterson: “Vizcaya has a program where we commission local artists to commission work for the estate. We asked them to come back to us and do their own work ”

You never know what you’re gonna see.

It’s not every day there are performance artists swimming in Vizcaya’s pool or chatting it up with guests.

John Defaro: “Vizcaya is one of my go-tos for architecture, gardens, history because the art events are over the top.”

Vizcaya Late is also a way to get out of your house and check out something you wouldn’t see during a regular visit.

Rebecca Peterson: “You can come chat with your friends, see artists at work, any number of things. We are really taking the pandemic seriously, and it’s such a nice opportunity to be outside.”

The next Vizcaya Late event is April 1.


Vizcaya Late
3251 South Miami Ave.
Miami, FL 33129

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