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Godzilla and King Kong facing off is epic, but Godzilla versus a giant, fluffy kitty cat? Now, that’s a battle for the ages. An Instagram account has gone viral for its purrrfect pop culture spoofs. Once you see these parody clips, you’re gonna want the full-length movies.

Godzilla has met his match.

No, not King Kong, OwlKitty!

“The world needs her to stop what’s coming. It’s Godzilla.”

It’s the clash of titans! And it’s the latest parody video starring Instagram fan favorite OwlKitty, AKA Lizzy.

Lizzy and her owner, Tibo Charroppin, let the cat out of the bag with Deco.

Tibo Charroppin: “I just, I gotta get her some treats.”

Who’s a good OwlKitty?!?! So first thing’s first: what’s with the nickname?

Tibo Charroppin: “We always thought she looked like an owl as a kitten. She had really big round eyes, and she’s kind of pear shaped like an owl.”

As for Tibo, he’s a video editor extraordinaire.

Tibo Charroppin: “I thought it’d be fun to put her in Jurassic Park. That was the very first video, and almost immediately, it went viral.”

Nearly a million followers later, now there’s a “Lion King spoof, “Home Alone” and one of Deco’s favorites, “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”

Tibo Charroppin: “I really like those movies. I know them by heart, so I know exactly in what scenes she’ll fit.”

And Lizzy seems to be so cooperative — key word: seems.

Tibo Charroppin: “She looks way more well-behaved than she really is! To be honest, getting her to do the right thing does take a lot of patience.”

These behind-the-scenes videos really give us a sense of how much work goes into the spoofs.

Tibo Charroppin: “Generally about three weeks. Like, the Godzilla one took me about a month.”

Wow! Sometimes that even makes OwlKitty’s loyal fan base worried.

Tibo Charroppin: “‘We haven’t seen her in over a month! Is she OK?!’ It’s like ‘She’s fine, She’s fine! I just need need some time to edit.’”

And when it came time to make a new video, a “Godzilla vs. Kong” spoof was obvious.

Tibo Charroppin: “Just the idea of a really big cat is something that appeals to me and a lot of people on the internet. Everybody’s talking about Godzilla. It was sort of a no-brainer.”

That leads us to the million dollar question: Godzilla, OwlKitty, who wins?

Tibo Charroppin: “A giant cat would absolutely destroy Godzilla given the right motivation. If you shine a laser at Godzilla’s head, or if you promise there’s gonna be food at the end of this fight.”

OwlKitty bows to no one.

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