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My goodness, it’s freezing outside! Could it be? A real winter is actually coming to South Florida? Well, hold off, Lynn, because it’ll probably be 90 degrees next week, but we can always dream of a winter wonderland, can’t we? Alex Miranda has been naughty all year, but he’s gonna make it up to us with this story.

Girls, all it takes for me is one of those cheesy Hallmark movies, and I’m in Christmas heaven!

But, if you need a little more stimulation than that to get all merry and jolly, I know just the thing, so hop aboard Santa’s boat?

Just picture it…

Kristie Scherrer, guest: “You can drink your hot coco and eat your popcorn.”

While cruising the Fort Lauderdale Intercoastal Waterway…

Victoria Cucolo, guest: “Love that it’s cold right now!”

And gawking at multi-million dollar mansions totally decked out for the holidays!

Bill Walker, Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi: “I could not fathom how much money some of these people put into these decorations.”

If you haven’t really been feeling the Christmas spirit this year, the Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi can most definitely get it back with a socially-distant holiday lights cruise!

Bill Walker: “Oh, it’s five star. People have been coming back just going, ‘That has been absolutely magnificent.’”

This double decker leaves the Stranahan House for an hour an a half of some of the best holiday-season sightseeing in South Florida!

Bill Walker: “It is spectacular and completely unique house to house, year over year, too.”

Like, look at the old Huizenga estate! My goodness. That wreath! The Christmas tree! By the way, did you spot Santa at the bottom of that tower? Obsessed!

Zachary Gamarra, guest: “Yeah, I love it. I mean, we’ve been out here a few times and the lights are just awesome to look at.”

Look at this red one! The drama! We’re here for it.

Kristie Scherrer: “The different lights on the houses and the different decorations is really cool.”

And, aww! And this charmer!

Victoria Cucolo: “I love lights. I love everything about Christmas, so it’s a lot of fun.”

Whether you’ve been naughty or nice, there’s something jolly for you and the kids at the cash bar. Oh, I’ll have what she’s having. Plus, free popcorn and live music!

Bill Walker: “Our staff is all dressed up in holiday gear. Yeah, we’re going to have some holiday cheer.”

But safety is first on Santa’s wish list, so each ride is booked at 50% capacity, temperatures will be taken at the door and masks are required when you’re not eating or drinking.

Victoria Cucolo: “It’s outdoors, so it’s still a chance for people to feel festive and feel safe at the same time.”

Rides are $35 for adults, $15 for kids, and everyone will feel the Christmas cheer.

Zachary Gamarra: “It’s super just relaxing and can’t beat it. I love Christmastime.”

The holiday lights cruises are running on most nights this month.


Fort Lauderdale Water Taxi’s Holiday Lights Cruise

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