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PEMBROKE PINES, FLA. (WSVN) – A mother of two is speaking out after a speeding SUV slammed into her living room while she was sitting on the couch at her Pembroke Pines home.

The woman was home with her two kids when the car smashed the house Tuesday, filling it with smoke and fear of the fate for the other.

It’s a moment that could have forever changed the Marquez family.

“I heard glass, like, shatter,” said Johnier Marquez.

Johnier was in his room when he heard the crash.

“I don’t remember anything. I remember hearing something like, boom,” said the mother.

An out-of-control Jeep plowed into their Pembroke Pines home, careening through a bedroom and into the living room, shoving her off the couch and across the floor.

“When I stand up from the floor and opened my eyes, I thought it was an earthquake,” Marquez said.

“I saw smoke in my house and a car in my living room, and I was like, ‘What the heck?’” said her son.

“I saw a lot of smoke, a lot of dust, and everything around me was a mess,” the mother said.

“I was afraid my sister was there because it was my sister’s room,” Johnier said.

Fortunately, she had been taking a shower and was not in her room.

Surveillance footage showed Johnier’s sister helping their mom out of the house and onto the back patio.

The teenage driver got out of the car, shaken but not hurt.

The Marquez family is just thankful despite this moment, despite the mess, and the gaping hole in their living room, they are together and OK.

“That was God. That’s the only reason I can be alive,” said the mother. “That was God because the car, it was right by the sofa where I was sitting.”

Mrs. Marquez was left with bumps and bruises, and she is still sore.

The family is figuring out how they’ll put the house back together and replace the items in the daughter’s room.

It’s unknown what charges the teenage driver will be facing as a result of the crash.

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