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Life is all about balance. There’s night and day, shoes and gas station wine, and in tonight’s case, Bubly sparkling water and supermodel Nina Agdal. She’s telling Deco all about her new partnership and what she misses the most about the 305.

You may know her as one of Sports Illustrated Swim’s hottest models, but these days, Nina Agdal is feeling bubbly. As in Bubly sparkling water.

Nina Agdal: “They’re amazing, so you have to try them.”

Nina teamed up with the company to celebrate the launch of their new Bubly Bounce drinks. They come in five different flavors and have caffeine in ’em.

Now here’s Nina to do some promotin’!

Nina Agdal: “My personal favorite is probably Triple Berry. I’m a big berry girl. I love anything with berries, you know what I mean? I just think it’s delicious.”

The drinks are perfect on the go, so Nina also created a fun playlist with Bubly to get you pumped up while you shake it up.

Nina Agdal: “It’s 50 songs, really full of energy tunes, good vibes, happy vibes. I love Lizzo, so we have songs from her on there. Harry Styles, obviously. I love him.”

The playlist is also great for working out, which Nina knows a thing or two about.

Nina Agdal: “I’ll switch it up. I’ll do three days of body weight workouts for my own routine, and then I’ll do two days of more cardio-oriented workout.”

But don’t feel intimidated. Nina says even supermodels get their butts kicked by an intense workout.

Nina Agdal: “I mean, definitely! I end up doing it, and then I’m like, ‘Oh, my God. Why did I do that? That was way too much.’”

One thing you might not know about Nina is that she actually used to live right here in SoFlo.

Nina Agdal: “That’s where my career started. Yeah, I called it my hometown! I know Miami very well. I love Miami. I love, love, love Miami.”

But what does she miss the most?

Nina Agdal: “Pubbelly Sushi has this butter crab, snow crab roll, and I dream about it. Honestly, like, when we can start travel safely again, Miami and Pubbelly Sushi is definitely right next to my Harry Styles concert.”

Bubly is also hosting a contest where you can win a one-on-one workout class with Nina.

The Bubly Bounce Experience contest

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