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Have you ever met someone that seems too good to be true? Been there, done that. Netflix has a new rom-com dropping next week that’s based on a real-life dating disaster. Deco’s laughing up a storm with the cast of “Good on Paper.”

Ryan Hansen (as Dennis): “You’re a comedian, right? Andrea Singer. I’ve seen you before.”

Iliza Shlesinger (as Andrea Singer): “And what do you do?”

Ryan Hansen (as Dennis): “Hedge funds.”

This may seem like a classic rom-com meet-cute moment, but there’s more than meets the eye in Netflix’s “Good on Paper.”

Iliza Shlesinger (as Andrea Singer): “In that moment, I didn’t wanna be with anyone but him.”

The movie is about a stand-up comic who meets and falls for the perfect guy.

But it turns out he’s a huge liar.

Rebecca Rittenhouse: “Dennis is a cuttlefish.”

Iliza Shlesinger (as Andrea Singer): “Lesser cuttlefish mate with the females under false pretenses.”

Iliza Shlesinger stars as Andrea but she also wrote the movie. She knows a thing or two about this story, because she lived it.

Iliza Shlesinger: “All of that happened, in some way or another. This character is real. She was real. The lies were real. I actually left out a few, so it is a crazy story that turns out is super relatable.”

Ryan Hansen plays the deceptive dude, and Margaret Cho is the BFF who realizes something’s off about this guy.

Listen, ain’t nobody got time for liars and fakes, so the cast told Deco the best qualities they like in a partner.

Margaret Cho: “A sense of humor and a sense of humor about themselves, and a kind of fearlessness to dive into a relationship.”

Ryan Hansen: “I think being willing to try new things, willing to like go dance and get uncomfortable, and I think that’s important too, is to be able to go on adventures together.”

Iliza Shlesinger: “Confidence and intelligence and sense of humor are the biggest things that attract me to all the people that I’m not married to, but mine is like that.”

Iliza. Ryan and Margaret all make us laugh for a living, but what makes these comedians the happiest?

: “My family makes me happy. My friends, when we’re all hanging and just everyone’s having a good time.”

Iliza and Margaret had something in common. Spoiler alert: fluffy friends ahead.

Margaret Cho: “I’m happy eating. I’m happy when I have my dog.”

Iliza Shlesinger: “I’m happiest — I love doing my job. I love doing stand-up. I love kissing this mouth, and I love being at home watching ‘Frasier’ on the couch with my husband.”

Margaret Cho: “Now that he’s here, y’all could work it out.”

Iliza Shlesinger (as Andrea Singer): “He is unconscious. Was that your plan?!”

“Good on Paper” will be available to stream on Netflix beginning June 23.

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