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Farm life is so romantic. Milking cows and shoveling poo … but things can get steamy on the farm or a ranch. Case in point: Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan are getting hot and heavy in their new movie. Nothing like a good roll in the hay.

Christopher Walken (as Tony Reilly): “Welcome to Ireland.”

Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan and some questionable Irish accents star in “Wild Mountain Thyme.” It’s your typical love story about two neighboring farmers caught in the center of a family’s land dispute.

Emily Blunt (as Rosemary): “I see you put this gate between us.”

Emily says this is a different kind of movie to add to her résumé.

Emily Blunt: “I do love the mixed bag of it all, the opportunities that are out there and to try not to pigeonhole myself and to try and carve out new space for myself.”

Jamie Dornan (as Anthony): “Would you marry me?”

Jamie grew up in Ireland. He can relate to his character in some ways … just not the farm life stuff.

Jamie Dornan: “What I share with him is, say, probably a lack of confidence and probably not a total self-belief. I never felt it was all about Ireland, and I am such a proud Irishman, and I love it, and I love the land, I love going home, but I always sort of felt that there was more beyond those waters.”

Jon Hamm (as Adam): “I could be a farmer.”

Jon Hamm, who co-stars, says he was captivated by the beauty of Ireland when he was working there every day.

Jon Hamm: “Whether it was a mountain in the background, or the sky, or the colors, the sheep everywhere and the people, I mean, honestly, it was just an absolute pleasure from top to bottom to be there. I didn’t want to leave.”

The great Christopher Walken is also in the movie. Naturally, the director had to share an epic Christopher Walken story from set.

John Patrick Shanley: “He’d never been to Ireland either, and he’d spend all of his time when he was off just looking out his window at a cow, just seeing what the cow would do, and then he would tell stories about the cow, strange little stories.”

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