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One hotel in Brownsville is home to rich chapters in Miami’s Black history. It’s also the setting for an Oscar-nominated drama, and now, the Historic Hampton House is the star of a new outdoor concert series. Soul singer Eric Benet hits the stage tomorrow night, but first, he’s talking to us tonight!

The Hampton House in Miami’s Brownsville has had the kind of guest book you could only dream of.

Jacqui Colyer, Historic Hampton House: “What a place, what a place to be. Nat King Cole, Aretha Franklin — my favorite, Jackie Wilson.”

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. even rehearsed his “I Have A Dream” speech here, but we can’t miss Cassius Clay, Jim Brown, Sam Cooke and Malcolm X. They met at the Hampton on one fateful night in 1964 — the plot to this Oscar-nominated drama.

“One Night in Miami” trailer: “You brothers could move mountains without lifting a finger.”

It’s been a cultural center since 2015, but it wasn’t until “One Night in Miami” premiered that hits on their website went from 200 a day to 2,000, and now, a new concert series is celebrating its rich history.

It’s called “From BeBOP to Hip-Hop,” and it kicks off this Saturday with Grammy-nominated…

Jacqui Colyer: “Eric Benet. Sexy. Oh, my gosh, the man.”

The significance of this stage is not lost on the neo-soul singer.

Eric Benet: “This is an incredible honor. The Hampton House is considered to be like the Cotton Club of the South.”

And he says it’s going to be a show for this history books.

Eric Benet: “They can expect to probably burn a lot of calories because I’m gonna get people up and have ’em dancing and having fun.”

Oh, and don’t you worry, there will be food! Chef Jernard Wells is gonna start you off with his mango Miami Gardens salad.

Jernard Wells: “You’ve never seen anyone eating and frown.”


Jernard Wells: “We have a sweet tea and rosemary brine-fried chicken with the rum-runner hot sauce, and then, we have the Thai-chilli blacked glazed salmon.”

The courtyard concert will be socially distant, but historically connected.

Jacqui: We’ll be under the stars, under the beautiful Miami sky, and the concert is going to be a blast. All of the great entertainers came because they had to. Now, our entertainers come because they want to.”

Tickets are still available for Saturday’s 9 p.m. show at the Hampton House.


Historic Hampton House
4240 NW 27th Ave., #3010
Miami, FL 33142

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