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Hollywood is still cranking out movies. They’re just not all going to movie theaters.

Such is life in 2020.

But there’s a little something for everyone this week. Check your watches and clocks because it’s “Showtime!”

A movie about movies? You’re making the Academy blush!

“Mank” is an Oscar frontrunner that’s sort of based on a true story.

Gary Oldman portrays Herman J. Mankiewicz, the screenwriter in 1930’s Hollywood who penned “Citizen Kane.” You know, arguably the greatest film of all-time.

Sarah Gadon (as Blair): “You don’t love me anymore!”

Aubrey Plaza (as Allison): “Leave me alone!”

Houseguests are the worst.

Aubrey Plaza stars in the suspenseful drama, “Black Bear.” She’s a filmmaker who plays mind games with a troubled young couple while staying at their remote cabin.

Sounds like a nightmare, huh, Aubrey?

Aubrey Plaza: “I kind of describe it as two different nightmares that are interwoven by one mega-nightmare.”

Anthony Hopkins (as Dr. Lewis): “Elyse, are you aware that there may be something wrong?”

This is heavy stuff.

“Elyse” stars Anthony Hopkins, and is written and directed by Stella Hopkins, his wife. It’s about a psychiatrist and nurse helping a catatonic woman, with scenes from her memory interwoven throughout.

Woman on the phone: “Reynaldo, your father is very ill. He needs to see you.”

Luis Gerardo Mendez (as Reynaldo): “Listen, not to be rude, but I don’t see him as my father anymore. He never came back.”

“Half Brothers,” twice the rivalry!

When a type-A Mexican executive learns he has a free-spirited half-brother in America, they’re both forced to take a road trip and scavenger hunt together as their dying father’s final wish.

Luis Gerardo Mendez: “This film is about being able to be in someone else’s shoes and have a different perspective about life, which I think is the number one priority right now, not just in the States but in the world.”

Isla Fisher (as Mackenzie): “What did you do with my eyebrows?”

Jillian Bell (as Eleanor): “Magic!”

Isla Fisher (as Mackenzie): “You turned my dog into a pig!”

Jillian Bell (as Eleanor): “The spell got away from me.”

She’s got the magic touch!

In Disney’s “Godmothered”, Jillian Bell plays a fairy godmother-in-training, who’s out to prove people could still use a little help from fairy godmothers.

Jillian Bell (as Eleanor): “You’re starting to believe in magic, aren’t you?”

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