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A woman so bad, she’s good, and a squirrel with superpowers. No, you’re not hallucinating. Deco’s checking out what’s hot in theaters and streaming, in this week’s Showtime.

Macon Blair (as Feldstrom): “She forces them into the home, auctions off their house and uses the proceeds to pay herself!”

Rosamund Pike (as Marla Grayson): “Because caring is my job.”

We love ourselves some capitalism, don’t we, folks?

It’s good to be bad in the Netflix dark comedy, “I Care a Lot.”

Rosamund Pike stars as a legal guardian who takes advantage of the elderly, but when she messes with the wrong client, things get cray-cray.

Rosamund told Deco it was important she made her character fun, even if she’s corrupt.

Rosamund Pike: “There’s gotta be something so ruthless and so dismayingly kind of awful about this woman that you’re just riveted by her.”

Frances McDormand (as Fern): “My dad used to say, what’s remembered lives. I maybe spent too much of my life just remembering.”

When Frances McDormand loses everything thanks to the recession, she hops into her van and heads west to find herself in “Nomadland.” Now that’s a trip.

Nick Robinson (as Ross Ulbricht): “I’ve always wanted to change the world.”

Alexandra Shipp (as Julia): “How?”

Nick Robinson (as Ross Ulbricht): “Amazon for drugs.”

“Silk Road” is full of sex, drugs, but no rock ‘n’ roll. The movie tells the story of a drug dealer who creates a dark net website, and the DEA agent who goes undercover to bust him.

Dame Judi Dench (as Madame Cecily Arcati)): “The moon is full, and we must harness its power.”

Dan Stevens (as Charles Condomine): “Perfect.”

In “Blithe Spirit,” Dame Judi Dench holds a seance for a writer suffering from writer’s block.

Problem is, she accidentally summons the spirit of his deceased first wife, played by Leslie Mann. Now his current wife, played by Isla Fisher, isn’t happy with his “after-wife” in the afterlife.

Alyson Hannigan (as Phyllis Buckman): “Flora! What is this?”

Matilda Lawler (as Flora): “I am Ulysses. Born anew.”

“Flora & Ulysses” follows the adventures of a young girl and a squirrel with superpowers. The movie stars Alyson Hannigan and Ben Schwartz.

Ben Schwartz (as George Buckman): “Is he…?”

Matilda Lawler (as Flora): “He’s flying.”

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