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You can’t run or hide from Sarah Paulson. She’s playing a mom with scary unconditional love in the new Hulu movie, “Run.” It’s suspenseful, thrilling and dark, exactly what we need in our lives right now. Sarah and her co-star, Kiera Allen, are telling us all about it.

Sarah Paulson (as Diane Sherman): “I am doing what I know is best for you.”

Mother thinks she’s knows best in the psychological thriller “Run.”

Sarah Paulson (as Diane Sherman): “I’m your mom.”

Sarah Paulson plays an overprotective mom who homeschools her daughter, Kiera Allen, in isolation.

Things take a turn for the worse when the daughter suspects her mother is keeping a dark secret from her.

Sarah Paulson: “The only thing I thought about doing was trying to protect my daughter at any cost, and the extreme commitment Diane has to that, obviously, results in some questionable behavior, to put it very mildly.”

“Run” is the first major thriller since the 1940s to cast an actress who is actually in a wheelchair, and it’s Allen’s first feature role.

Paulson says they had a strong bond from the start.

Sarah Paulson: “I think it’s a true two-hander. I really do, and I honestly think it’s Kiera’s movie. It’s her story that we attach ourselves to and her journey, which, I think, was in such exceedingly capable hands with Kiera.”

Kiera Allen: “I remember that chemistry read very well, and I remember being so nervous, but you really — you put me right at ease, and you were so kind, and I remember you expressing belief in me from that very first day.”

It was also a great experience for Allen with stunt work audiences will see throughout the film.

Kiera Allen: “Luckily, I did not have to do some of the more extreme dangerous stunts, but I did a lot of it myself. A lot of crawling and just a lot, of a lot of building upper body strength. I was working out all the time. Coming up to the movie, on set, I had a lot of support, and God, those days were exhausting, but great fun.”

Kiera Allen (as Chloe Sherman): “Mom?”

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