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A local food truck is on a roll, but their sushi isn’t. Deco checked out a perfect pairing of sushi and tacos. It’s a crazy combo that’s driving foodies wild.

Can’t decide between Mexican or sushi?

Papamigos Food Truck in Pompano Beach gives you both.

Lauren Grosso, Papamigos Food Truck: “Papamigos, it is a Mexican-crasian gastropub, so we have a little Mexican street food, very authentic and then paired with the crasian Asian sushi taco.”

Yeah, she said “sushi taco.”

We’re talking fresh fish packed into a crispy, seaweed shell!

What the what?

Lauren Grosso: “It’s a nori sheet, and what we do is we batter it, deep fry it, we shape it into the shape of a taco shell. It is then stuffed with all of the goodness of sushi, so we have sushi rice, avocado, tuna, salmon, cucumber.”

And the taste is like nothing you’ve had before.

Lauren Grosso: “You get that crispy from the shell. You get that sushi and all marinating flavors of just the taco is just awesome You want it again, that orgasmic sushi taco.”

I’ll take a dozen.

Along with traditional Mexican favorites, the menu features five sushi tacos offering an ocean of flavors.

Take it easy with the Tekeze.

Lauren Grosso: “The Tekeze is the most popular sushi taco we have. It is tuna, avocado, jalapenos.”

The sexy mama is making waves.

Lauren Grosso: “We do have the sexy mama, which is no rice, so it is a skinner option.”

And no chopsticks required.

Lauren Grosso: “Nope, you pick up a sushi taco and you just bite right into it.”

Papamigos is making plenty of amigos.

Customer: “Got a nice spice, nice little zing to it. You can have it spicier if you want. It’s just awesome.”

Later this year, a brick and mortar location will get the party started.

Lauren Grosso: “We just broke ground on our patio now. We’ll be able to move the food truck onto the patio and set up tables.”

And of course, they’ll be serving these delicious sushi tacos. Come to papa.


Papamigos Food Truck
44 NE First St.
Pompano Beach, FL 33060

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