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Valentine’s Day: the perfect time to indulge your sweetie, even if they have four legs. You can pamper your pooch and help other dogs in need. All you have to do is unleash your love.

At The Dog Bar, your canine is the king — or queen — of Miami Beach all month long.

Steven Cohen, Dog Bar: “This is the second year that we’re doing the Unleash Your Love event, and it is really a Valentine’s Day event for showing your love for animals.”

Every puppy loves a present on Valentine’s Day.

Steven Cohen: “If you buy a new collar or leash or harness, we will give you a 20% discount.”

When you hand over your used leash and collar, they become instant artwork on Lincoln Road outside The Dog Bar.

Steven Cohen: “And then, take your old items and display them on the wall. It’s almost like an art installation where people can come and photograph it.”

That pooch paraphernalia doesn’t stay on the wall for long.

Steven Cohen: “Then, we’ll give all those collars and leashes that were donated to the Humane Society.”

Liza Sandler, customer: “I think anything for charity is wonderful. I’m a giver. I’m caring, so I think it’s awesome.”

Don’t think for one moment your furry friend doesn’t dig Unleash Your Love.

Steven Cohen: “Dogs appreciate every waking moment of life, especially if they’re well taken care of.”

You bet they do. That’s your cue to drop off your pal for some growl-free Valentine’s Day grooming at The Dog Bar.

Steven Cohen: “Because it’s Valentine’s Day, everything needs to be perfect, so all the poodles, all the fluffy dogs, will be coming, and they’ll all be getting really beautiful grooming and nice little bows in their hair.”

Your perfectly-coiffed canine cutie will be ready to celebrate love’s big night.

Steven Cohen: “When you do have your wonderful Valentine’s evening, no one is left out, and your dog can be your Valentine, as well, and look fantastic What better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than with your best friend.”


The Dog Bar
1627 Euclid Ave. at Lincoln Lane South
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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