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I love me some Cotton Candy, and so does “The Masked Dancer.” That’s who won the very first season of show, and it’s someone who’s very used to winning trophies.

Gabby Douglas is “The Masked Dancer” champ. Now the three-time Olympic gold medalist has to find a place for her newest bling.

Gabby Douglas (during show): “I’m probably going to put it where all my other trophies are.”

Gabby Douglas: “I had a blast. Every single soul was so nice, super helpful, and honestly, this definitely compares to the Olympics, because it was such an exciting journey. Just to be able to do something so outside of myself, so out of the normal, and to go and do it, it’s just a very different experience. I was so grateful that I had this opportunity.”

Competing is nothing new to Gabby, but dancing was a whole new world, and she loved it.

Gabby Douglas: “Every single dance style, I’ve never done anything like this before, and I can’t even pick a favorite, I can’t even choose. The aerial work, the scooter, the jive, the lifts.”

Gabby’s loving the reactions she’s getting.

Gabby Douglas: “Just the amount of love and support and positivity that’s being poured into C.C., and we really wanted Cotton Candy just to be just a big fluff of light, airy goodness, because there’s so much craziness and just so much going on in the world today.”

And she can use what she learned on this journey going forward.

Gabby Douglas: “One hundred percent. I have learned to do something new, and honestly, just to challenge myself and to go outside myself and try it, and I’m definitely taking these dances with me, because they are a great workout, by the way, and they are so fun to do. But they have really sparked my passion in the dance world.”

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