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Thirty-three years ago, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall royally killed the comedy game with “Coming to America,” but now they’re coming back to the U.S. in a celebrity-filled sequel that even stars Queen Elizabeth. (Just kidding, it doesn’t.) Deco’s Alex Miranda, the man who famously puts the toothpaste on Prince Charles’ toothbrush, has the story.

“Coming 2 America” is worth the long wait, but just one minute into my conversation with Eddie and Arsenio, things got royally X-rated, and I swear I did not start it this time.

Thirty-three years later…

James Earl Jones (as King Jaffe Joffer): “Now, you will be king.”

The sequel we all didn’t know we needed in 2021…

James Earl Jones (as King Jaffe Joffer): “You have a son.”

Is finally here!

Eddie Murphy (as Akeem): “We are going back to America.”

Arsenio Hall (as Semmi): “Oh, hell no, Your Majesty!”

In “Coming 2 America,” as in the number 2, Prince Akeem is back in Queens, New York, now as the King of Zumunda, to search for his — surprise! — long-lost son.

Jermaine Fowler (as Lavelle): “I don’t need no handout. Wait a minute. I’m going to pack!”

Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall want us all to celebrate like Royals.

Arsenio Hall: “Hey, Alex! Come on, you gotta put on the crown! Yeah! Put on the crown, Alex!”

Alex Miranda: “You know I will!”

But the pressure, after three decades?!

The guys told me, meh.

Eddie Murphy: “When I get the idea, and we got the writers, and we got it on paper, and we got a script, I was like, ‘Let’s go do it.’ I never felt pressure. I felt like we were going to do a good movie.”

Well, until now.

Arsenio Hall: “I never felt pressure until you asked that question. Now, I’m like, ‘Should we be nervous? Should we feel the pressure?’ Now I feel the pressure!”

And I’m feeling some type of way after these next answers.

Alex Miranda: “What would be the most lavish luxury that you would treat yourself to?”

Asenio Hall: “Bathers. I like that.”

Wait, what?

Eddie Murphy: “I would want a person just washing my [expletive].”


Eddie Murphy: “I don’t know if I would feel regal while that was happening.”

Moving on. But, right now, we do need a feel-good comedy more than ever, amiright?

Eddie Murphy: “It’s a fairy tale. It’s just pure entertainment, escapism. You go to the movie and just have a good time. There’s no message, there’s no heaviness.”

Just laughs … and some miscommunication.

Tracy Morgan (as Uncle Reem): “”Let me hear you say, ‘Hey ho.’”

Eddie Murphy (as Akeem): “Hey, ho!”

Tracy Morgan (as Uncle Reem): “No, not to his mother.”

Arsenio Hall: “You’ve given me comedy life, bruh. I appreciate that.”

Alex Miranda: “Thank you, thank you so much.” (bows)

“Coming 2 America” starts streaming on Amazon Prime on Friday, March 5.

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