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MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) – A motorcyclist was not hurt after a hit-and-run driver struck his vehicle in the middle of a Miami Beach intersection.

Brian Balga, the victim, said he cannot believe he is still alive and is more thankful than ever to be able to tell his story.

“Once I saw that the impact was coming, I just jumped,” he said. “Right when I jumped, he literally impacted, leaving me landing perfectly.”

Surveillance video captured a white car striking Balga’s Suzuki motorcycle as he was heading southbound on Collins Avenue during the overnight hours of Nov. 17. The video also captured Balga turning into the Ninth Street intersection, which, he said, was a calculated move to avoid getting hit head-on.

He said he made the split-decision to turn left because the oncoming northbound driver initially veered into his southbound lanes. That’s when Balga made the left-hand turn, and the driver of the car corrected, causing the collision.

“Had I not started slowing down, I would have lost my life,” Balga said. “Sixty miles per hour, I knew that there was no way around it.”

Parts of Balga’s motorcycle flew upon impact, and a barely blemished Balga is seen checking himself out, seemingly making sure everything is intact, as good Samaritans rushed to help.

Balga said he met with Miami Beach Police officers shortly after the collision and told them he was too shaken to remain on the scene.

“I didn’t even fill out a report or nothing,” Balga said. “I was just like, literally, ‘I’m done.’”

Mitch Novick owns the Sherbrooke Hotel, and his surveillance cameras captured the collision. The anti-crime advocate has used his cameras over the years to help police bring attention to countless cases in his area.

“This had a good ending,” he said. “They play that role, that they’re an investigative tool.”

However, the video in this case was to show a biker how fortunate he was on that day.

Balga said his father always warned him about the dangers of motorcycles.

“It gets me because, man, my dad’s all I got,” Balga said. “Pops, it’s all good because I’m done with the motorcycle.”

Balga said he gave away the motorcycle on the scene the same morning the collision occurred.

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