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Guilt-free desserts? It sounds too good to be true, but just in time for the holidays, a Miami business is making our wildest dreams a reality.

Here’s some fruit for thought. We’re going nuts for these cakes, because they’re actually kind of healthy.

Is such a thing even possible?!

Marina Arsenicheva, Klean Sweets: “All the desserts are fully organic, absolutely plant-based and mostly raw.”

Marina Arsenicheva runs Klean Sweets, a dessert delivery service in Miami. She says eating these cakes does a body good.

Marina Arsenicheva: “All of the desserts are fully unprocessed, which allows every ingredient to deliver its 100% nutrients and vitamins straight to your body.”

The ingredients are super simple. The Apple Caramel Cheesecake is just fresh apples, cashews, vanilla cream and lemon. The Pistachio Strawberry only has pistachios and strawberries.

That’s it. No sugar added.

Marina Arsenicheva: “It’s just beautiful to see how nature has given us such great fruits, vegetables and plants, and that we can make a dessert out of it.”

Plus, these cakes are picture perfect for Instagram. I mean, if you didn’t post a photo of your dessert, did your dessert ever really exist?

Marina Arsenicheva: “We do eat with our eyes first, which is why I wanted to make sure every dessert is pretty and beautiful, and you fall in love right away looking at it.”

By the way, these cakes aren’t even baked.

Marina Arsenicheva: “Since all the desserts we create are raw, it means they’re not being heated. We blend the ingredients together, we freeze it overnight, and then we deliver it frozen.”

For his holiday get together, Gerard ordered a Klean Sweets best-seller: the Snickers Cake.

Gerard Vignuli, customer: It’s very good. It tastes exactly like Snickers, but it has like a cold consistency.”

After stuffing our faces for Thanksgiving, Klean Sweets is hoping to be your healthier alternative for dessert.

Marina Arsenicheva: “We do love to call our desserts guilt-free. After eating it, you feel light, happy.”

Gerard Vignuli: “I entertain often, so I’m looking for something that’s healthy, especially in Miami.”

Prices start at $30 for two cakes. Klean Sweets delivers throughout Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

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