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“The Masked Singer” served up some major surprises Wednesday night. Missed it? Deco has the highlights.

Never thought I’d swoon over a Black Swan, but this song bird is taking “The Masked Singer” to a whole other level.

Piglet is no pork chop. His squeal is downright sexy. I mean, that voice is “bacon” me crazy.

Chameleon (rapping): “One thing bout music, when it hits, you feel no pain.”

Don’t know ’bout you, but I don’t think a rapping chameleon could ever blend in.

Besides great performances, the show introduced a new wild card contestant.

Bulldog (singing): “Candy girl, you’re all my world.”

That sweet tooth, I mean tune, didn’t do the Bulldog any favors.

Niecy Nash: “Tonight, I decide who gets unmasked.”

Judges: “Since when?”

Guest host Niecy Nash shocking everyone by sending home…

Niecy Nash: “The Bulldog!”

Surprise! Nick Cannon, unmasked!

The “Masked Singer” host took time off from the show after getting COVID.

Nick Cannon: “You stepping in for me during my sickness, which was a hard time for me, and being able to watch you do your thing, amazingly, and shine here, I truly do thank you.”

Nick didn’t just praise Neicy. He gave props to the contestants, too.

Nick Cannon: “”I have a newfound respect for all of our masked crusaders, from Season 1 to all of these people right here on this stage.”

Before he gets back to his hosting duties, let’s give it up for Nick.

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