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DAVIE, FLA. (WSVN) – A man accused of attacking a McDonald’s employee in Davie appeared before a judge days after his arrest.

Daniel Suarez-Tellez appeared before a judge in a Broward County courtroom on Wednesday after the alleged incident happened Monday night.

The 21-year-old could be seen on surveillance camera pulling up to a McDonald’s drive-thru on State Road 84 near Interstate 75 in Davie at around 10:45 p.m. Workers said Suarez-Tellez was impaired at the time and falling asleep as he waited to pay for his meal.

“He pulled up to the drive-thru to get his order,” Jermaine Harp, a restaurant employee, said. “He was a little bit upset during the time, speaking to the manager, so he told him, ‘Park your car because the lobby is locked at the time. We close at 10 o’clock.’”

Suarez-Tellez was then captured on camera stepping out of his car and walking to the fast-food chain’s front door. According to police, the 21-year-old said to the restaurant workers they were taking too long.

The video shows a worker open the front door to hand him his food. She then attempts to close the door, something is said, he fights her and continues to pull the door open.

The worker then grabbed a metal stick used to compact garbage and attempts to close the door again and lock it. Then, Suarez-Tellez was captured shoving the door onto the woman’s right arm, holding the door shut and putting pressure on her limb.

“The dude, I guess he was upset about his food, I guess,” Harp said. “It took long or something, and he tried to open the door, and she tried to pull the door back, and he ended up pushing the door on her arm, so she was injured.”

The woman’s coworkers ran to help, and all three women pushed the door back open.

The woman could be seen swinging the metal stick to get Suarez-Tellez away from the door, but the 21-year-old grabbed the stick from her and swung with all his might before he fell to the ground.

Suarez-Tellez’s fall allowed the women to close the door with the 21-year-old’s food strewn on the ground.

A person who appeared to be Suarez-Tellez’s friend could then be seen standing near him, apparently wondering what had just happened with his arms out.

The two men then walked back to the car, and the women came outside with their cellphones to take photos and video of the 21-year-old’s license plate.

“He should have went another way around it, you know? The lobby is closed. ‘Thank you for giving my food. Have a good day,’” Harp said.

The judge ordered Suarez-Tellez not to return to the McDonald’s where the alleged incident occurred. He replied, “Yes, your honor. That’s perfect.”

Suarez-Tellez was granted a $3,500 bond, which he has posted. He is expected to be released from the Broward County Jail soon.

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