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Art Basel is canceled here in SoFlo this year, but the spirit of the festival lives on! Deco’s checking out one spot that’s molding something special for Miami Art Week.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

The Kimpton Angler’s Hotel on South Beach is celebrating Miami Art Week with a real hands-on experience.

It’s ceramics with a twist.

Liz Mary Perez, Kimpton Angler’s Hotel: “The Sangria and Ceramics event will take place at the Kimpton Angler’s sundeck on Thursday, Dec. 3.”

Sarah Glass, pottery maker: “We’re going to be making our own pinch pots and making wheel thrown ceramics, trying to tap into our creative side during Miami Art Week.”

Nothing helps the creative juices flow like sangria, and here, you can sip safely!

Sarah Glass: “Everyone’s gonna have their own materials and table for Sangria and Ceramics, so you won’t need to worry about sharing a table with others.”

Step one of the workshop is loading up on sangria.

A little more. Hey, making things is hard work!

OK, OK, back to your stations.

Sarah Glass: “Your hands are your most important tools. First thing we wanna do is take out ball of clay and our thumb, and we’re gonna poke a hole right down the middle.”

Once you’ve created an opening, use your hands to mold the clay into the shape you want.

Sarah Glass: “This is so cute. You can take your sponge and kind of smooth the inside a little bit.”

Feel free to carve out a design or even write your name.

It’s your masterpiece after all.

Wanna try something a little challenging? Step on up to the pottery wheel!

Sarah Glass: “So, you’re gonna take your hands like this, and you’re gonna squeeze your hands together.”

The only pressure here is the one you apply with your hands, so if you mess up, no biggie because at the end of the day…

Sarah Glass: “The fun thing about making mistakes in pottery is that you can always squish it up and start back over, which is the beauty of it. You never really can make a mistake.”


Sangria and Ceramics
Kimpton Angler’s Hotel
660 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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