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Siblings, one minute you hate them, the next minute you hate them more.

Alex Miranda, our Deco brother from another mother, is here with Hollywood’s take on a surprising sibling story.

The new movie “Half Brothers” isn’t just 50% funny, it’s also 50% a touching story about family dynamics, cultural differences… and goats.

Sibling rivalry knows no international borders!

Connor Del Rio (as Asher): “Go! Go! We gotta get outta here!”

Luis Gerardo Mendez (as Renato): “Oh, my God!”

In the new comedy “Half Brothers,” a dying father who left one son in Mexico and had a second in the United States, surprises both… in his hospital room!

Luis Gerardo Mendez (as Renato): “I just want to know what happened.”

Father: “And you will.”

Connor Del Rio (as Asher): “Is this guy bothering you, Dad?”

Luis Gerardo Mendez (as Renato): “Dad?”

Father: “Meet your brother, Asher.”

Connor Del Rio (as Asher): “What?”

As a final wish, he sends the polar opposite personalities, Renato and Asher, on a scavenger hunt to learn about what really happened in his life.

Luis Gerardo Mendez: “This film is about being able to be in someone else’s shoes and have a different perspective about life, which is the number one priority right now, not only in the States but in the world.”

And although Luis Gerardo Mendez often plays characters like Asher…

Adam Sandler (as Nick Spitz): “Is that Juan Carlos?!”

Luis Gerardo Mendez (as Juan Carlos): “Hey!!! Hello! How am I?”

… he says he’s much more like his own in this one. Although, not completely…

Luis Gerardo Mendez: “I mean, I’m not like Renato. Renato is [expletive] up. Sorry! But but, but… I think just myself on steroids, like you know he’s really a control freak.”

Alex Miranda: “Connor, it would be hard to believe that you’re not like Asher, but is that going to be another huge surprise?”

Connor Del Rio: “I’m like, ‘Hey, guys, let’s go on a road trip! Or let’s go here!’ and Asher’s like, ‘I’m going to go steal this goat!’”

But there’s more than just roadside antics in this heartwarming story. It was a personal project for Luis and director Luke Greenfield.

Luke Greenfield: “With Luis’s character, we both did. We both had to deep dive into our relationships with our fathers and our parents and learning to forgive.”

And with it being the holiday season, and all we’ve gone through this year, pretty timely.

Luis Gerardo Mendez: “It’s about fathers and sons and family and relationships, but the main event for us is empathy.”

“Half Brothers” hits theaters this Friday.

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