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Seven deadly sins, seven plays, one location: Lincoln Road. One theater company is putting on a show unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

Sandi Stock (as character in “Seven Deadly Sins”0: “I create art for just us.”

Michel Hausmann, Artistic Director, Miami New Drama: “This experience is completely unique to anything that has been done or called theater in the past.”

Presenting “Seven Deadly Sins,” performed by the Miami New Drama theater company.

Michel Hausmann: “It’s seven stories brought together on empty storefronts on Lincoln Road, each of them dealing with one deadly sin and each of them written by a world-class playwright.”

You experience the short, socially distant plays in the span of 90 minutes, rotating from one storefront to another in small groups.

Masks are required, and you get earbuds connected to each play’s sound system.

Michel Hausmann: “All the plays, in one way or another, are talking about our community and our society right now. How I like to describe it is a box of chocolate: you’re gonna get seven different chocolates, each of them with flavors completely different from one another.”

Actor in “Seven Deadly Sins”: “Hey, don’t be sad. He had a good life. He came from nothing and made a fortune!”

The audience moving from one play to the next means the actors are performing the same piece over and over and over.

Sandi Stock (as character in “Seven Deadly Sins”): “All we have is just us.”

Sandi Stock, actor, “Seven Deadly Sins”: “Just getting your voice and your stamina up to be able to do that, it’s definitely a challenge. This is not for the faint of heart, I promise you that.”

But it’s a challenge the actors say they welcome.

Sandi Stock: “it’s so important for artists like myself, who have been out of work for over 10 months. It’s really wonderful to be back at work, and it’s safe. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

You can also stop for drinks along the way at “Purgatory,” where the bartenders put on a little performance of their own.

Bartender in “Purgatory”: “I mean, they look thirsty, right?”

“Seven Deadly Sins” may be an entirely different experience, but it’s one that you’re going to love.

Chantal Whalen, audience member: “I think it’s incredible. It’s such a unique take on theater. I think that’s something we’ve missed so much during COVID, you know?”

Sara Haina, audience member: “I think it’s so clever, and you still get the same feel, the same closeness with the actors, and it’s just really neat to be able to use a different setting.”

Tickets start at $60, and shows take place Thursday through Sunday.

Miami New Drama
“Seven Deadly Sins”

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