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2020: COVID, murder hornets, even Pier 1 went out of business, but at least we haven’t had an earth-shattering comet hit us … yet. Doomsday prophet Alex Miranda is here to bring the fear.

There are 17 more days left in the year, so we can’t really rule that one out yet. Good thing there’s a real doomsday bunker in Greenland, and in a new disaster movie starring Gerard Butler, one family races there before that comet strikes, if they can make it.

If there were ever a year to release an epic disaster flick…

Radio Announcer: “If you are hearing this broadcast, seek shelter immediately.”

You know what I was about to say.

Morena Baccarin (as Allison Garrity): “Oh, my God! Johnny, go!

Gerard Butler (as John Garrity): “Go to the back! Cover Nathan!”

Ugh, now this?

Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin star in “Greenland,” a thriller about a planet-killing comet hurtling toward Earth.

Character in “Greenland”: “The greatest chance of survival is where the bunker is in Greenland.

Gerard Butler (as John Garrity): “If we’re going to go, we gotta go now.”

Gerard Butler: “The comet is our villain, but what I also like is, the comet has no feelings, it has no vengeance. it just is what it is, and in some ways that’s even more terrifying.”

The actors play an estranged husband and wife with a young son, who desperately journey the country to find sanctuary

Although it’s not based on a true story — yet — the bunker is real.

Morena Baccarin: “I am really excited to know there’s a bunker in Greenland. That is an actual fact, so I will know where to head in the next world disaster.”

The best and worst of humanity is on full display — no surprise here — as cities get leveled, and the family fights their way to the safe haven.

Gerard Butler (as John Garrity): “Go, go, go!”

But what does all that drama look like behind the camera? Not as dramatic as you might think.

Morena Baccarin: “Now there’s a big sound! Now there’s a comet!There’s a streak across the sky!”

Gerard Butler: “I was like, ‘It’s coming! Look to the left! Look to the right!’”

But it’s not like Gerard hasn’t faced on-screen obstacles in the past.

Gerard Butler (as King Leonidas): “This is Sparta!”

Although this one’s a bit different.

Gerard Butler: “In other movies, I might have flown up there and punched it in the face, and it would have blown up. It’s hard for me to even get through a traffic jam in this film, but it’s more about the heart and the passion and the love.”

You can watch “Greenland” On Demand everywhere this Friday.

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