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Hold your horses! Did you know there are cowboys in Philadelphia?

Well, there are, and they’re the focus of a new Netflix film.

Deco’s saddling up with Idris Elba and the cast of “Concrete Cowboy.”

Caleb McLaughlin (as Cole): “Yo! There’s a horse in your house.”

Idris Elba and Caleb Mclaughlin are horsing around as father and son in Netflix’s new drama, “Concrete Cowboy.”

Idris Elba (as Harp): “The history here is deep. It’s like the wild west out here.”

Caleb plays Cole, a troubled teen who discovers the world of urban horseback riding when he’s sent to live with his father Harp in Philadelphia.

Caleb McLaughlin: “Cole, my character, is totally different from who I am as a person and any character I’ve ever played.”

In the movie, Cole is torn between joining his dad at the stables, where they tend to horses of inner-city cowboys, and hanging out with a problematic cousin, played by Jharrel Jerome.

Jharrel Jerome: “Harp is delivering this tough love, but Smush is delivering this tender care. So, but who’s at the right end of the spectrum, you know, and who’s going to lead him to a better place.”

Idris Elba (as Harp): “You want to ride the street life? You can’t be in my house. You wanna wise up? You’re welcome back.”

Caleb McLaughlin (as Cole): “Welcome back to what?”

Caleb says he learned a lot while making this movie.

Caleb McLaughlin: “I didn’t know about the culture. I didn’t know about the horses and the community, and they’ve been there for years.”

Lorraine Toussaint, who plays Nessie, and Idris Elba also got a history lesson while working on the film.

Lorraine Toussaint: “After they stopped serving the outlying communities and got pushed further and further into the inner city, they didn’t want to give up their horses, so they just took their horses with them and took them indoors.”

Idris Elba: “There wasn’t a day that we didn’t learn something new and then try and put that into the film so it felt as authentic as possible.”

Caleb McLaughlin (as Cole): “So, what we gonna do, then?”

Idris Elba (as Harp): “We gonna do what we always do. We’re gonna ride.”

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