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(WSVN) – After Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard became an internet sensation for how he likes to drink his Coors Light beers, the company reached out to him with a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

Heat fans have seen the fire and passion Leonard has for the game, but what they may not have seen is how he can also enjoy a long bus ride and just chill.

“I’ve always wanted to do a cross-country trip,” he said. “I’ve tried talking my wife into it, wasn’t always the easiest thing to do, but this just made sense.”

Leonard, his wife Elle and dog Coco left Miami on the Coors Lite Chillstream bus back on Oct. 29.

The bus included a driver and their trip covered over 3,300 miles as they stopped in cities where family members lived.

The trip ended 10 days later in Los Angeles.

On one of those days, a strange thing happened when the bus broke down.

“I did a workout in the middle of Nebraska in a truck stop parking lot like a complete psychopath would with combat boots and no shirt on,” said Leonard.

He caught the attention of Coors Light back when he was in the NBA bubble posting videos of himself shotgunning his favorite beers.

Leonard also received a lot of attention for standing, not kneeling, during the National Anthem before the games.

He cited his respect for the military for the reason as to why he stood.

His brother Bailey served in Afghanistan with the Marines.

During his cross-country road trip, he met people who acknowledged what he had done.

“A lot of people would get like almost emotional and shake my hand and say, ‘Thank you so much for what you did. I was in the military.’ That meant something to my family and I,” Leonard said.

Leonard, who stands 7 feet, 1 inch tall, is an impending free agent but also hasn’t ruled out a return to Miami.

“I know that I can help a team win. I’ve shown that,” he said. “I’m interested in winning. I’m interested in having a role. I’m interested in being a leader in a locker room, you know, all those sorts of things — and I loved Miami, by the way, so we’ll see what happens. I think that there’s some mutual interest there. The NBA’s a business, and we’ll just have to see.”

For the time being, Leonard will stay and train in LA.

He and his wife Elle are also keeping busy marketing their protein bar Level that has been successful on their website.

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