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If you’re going to do one thing, you better do it right. A new to-go spot on Washington Avenue in South Beach is doing exactly that. They know good gnocchi. Hope you brought your appetite.

When it comes to gnocchi, Gnocchissimo wants to be your one and only.

Stefano Carniato, owner, Gnocchissimo: “It’s a concept with a large menu with just one product — gnocchi.”

In Italian, Gnocchissimo sorta means “super good gnocchi.”

Stefano Carniato: “Mashed potato is like gnocchi, more or less.”

That brings up a good point. These little potato balls technically aren’t pasta.

Stefano Carniato: “They call it pasta in America, but it’s not pasta. It’s an artisanal product you make with potato, flour and eggs.”

And while they only serve gnocchi, you have a lot of different sauces to choose from.

Stefano Carniato: “You can eat it with a lot of ingredients.”

The sauce gives each dish an extra kick. The burrata is a favorite.

Stefano Carniato: “If you want something fancy, in the tomato sauce, you can put the burrata on the top, the creamy mozzarella cheese.”

There’s also the bolognese — nice to meat you.

Looking for a vegetarian option? Try the mushroom sauce!

Stefano Carniato: “The mushroom sauce we also sell well, and I think it’s good because we don’t use too much cream.”

That’s important because Gnocchissimo wants to make sure the taste of the gnocchi isn’t overpowered.

Stefano Carniato: “The more heavy sauce you put, the less you feel the gnocchi.”

Laura Stephens, customer: “We just got it with red sauce. Plain, classic. It’s just a really heavy dish to begin with, so you don’t want to put too much stuff going on. It’s already something pretty heavy.”

The dishes range from $12 to $17, and they all come with bread. Just grab your order and go.

Mike Grinberg, customer: “I think they’re doing something really original here. It’s great! I think if you love gnocchi, you’re in the right place.”

Gnocchissimo only does take-out and delivery.


701 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Order online

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