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Mom used to tell us not to play with our food. Now that we’re adults, it’s totally normal to. A popular cupcake spot encourages you to get your hands a little dirty and learn a thing or two about dessert decorations.

They say you are what you eat. Bunnie Cakes in Doral says you eat what you make!

Mariana Cortez, Bunnie Cakes: “Bunnie Cakes is a vegan bakery. It’s the first vegan bakery in Miami, in South Florida, and we are a fun, cute brand.”

Their cupcakes really are super cute. Yours can be too!

Every weekend, Bunnie Cakes helps you become a cupcake connoisseur with a do-it-yourself decorating class.

Mariana Cortez: “What we wanted to also show is exactly the techniques, and some of the tips and tricks we use.”

This definitely isn’t as intense as Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars.”


Well here’s the deal: $55 gets you a tray of six large cupcakes and all the works to decorate them.

Then, owner Mariana Cortez holds your hand through the process virtually.

Mariana Cortez: “It’s just taking out your cell phone and scanning the QR code. It’s gonna take you to our YouTube video, where I’m gonna be showing you different ways to decorate your cupcakes.”

And you do all this fun decorating inside a picture perfect shipping container, right outside the Bunnie Cakes shop, so when you’re done decorating, don’t eat your cupcakes just yet!

Mariana Cortez: “The container is very Instagram-friendly because it has two different backdrops where I added more than 5,000 stickers.”

Grecia Aguilar, guest: “It is so aesthetic. It is so nice. It’s all, in general, a great, very cool concept, and amazing for the Instagram pictures. We all know that’s very important.”

The shipping container is also COVID-friendly. There are only two small tables in there, and masks are required.

Mariana Cortez: “All of the guests that are inside the container can have a nice experience without worrying too much.”

You’re definitely gonna have cupcakes leftover to take home.

After all, you should be able to continue enjoying your edible artwork.

Vanessa Olaya, guest: “I’m so proud, but that tutorial really helped me. I could have never done this before, so cheers to Bunnie Cakes.”

Grecia Aguilar: “I’m personally vegan, so this was a very, very welcome treat.”

You have to reserve your spot in advance for the class.


Bunnie Cakes
8450 NW 53rd St., Suite H101
Doral, FL 33166

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