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Anybody need a little stress relief after the last 12 months of misery? Is the sky blue? Is the pope Catholic? Does a bear … look all cute and cuddly?

A new wellness oasis in North Miami Beach is using traditional Chinese medicine to relieve your tension … by sucking it and scraping it straight out of you.

Just about had it with 2021?

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “People are coming in with more and more stress disorders. I see a lot of bad backs, necks.”

One healing center in North Miami Beach wants to help you…

Alex Miranda: “Drop all of that weight. Doctor, I feel relaxed just walking in this beautiful place.”

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner’s integrative wellness studio practices traditional Chinese medicine.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “Acupuncture, gua sha, cupping, ear seeds.”

These days, many of her patients are coming in, no surprise, with Zoom fatigue — including me.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “They have a tremendous amount of tension in their chest, neck and especially their forehead from being on their computers. Most people are on laptops.”

So I signed up for gua sha, which relieves tension and boosts circulation by scraping the skin.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “We’re going to start going down your back like this.”

You’ll be sporting these red stripes for the next few days. but this burn is a good one.

Alex Miranda: “It’s just enough of a burn where you know that it’s working. I can feel, like, all the negative energy being zapped out of my body, and it feels great.”

Dr. Trattner also offers cupping therapy.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “It literally sucks the skin up into the cup and creates a reverse pressure that increases blood circulation, increases flow of lymph. It allows toxins out of the body.”

Yes, it looks crazy, but she can make it cute. Look at these heart-shaped cups — and no, it actually doesn’t hurt.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “You can just feel the tension melting out of your body through cupping.”

Both 45-minute services start at $175. Oh, and every patient leaves here with ear seeds, in your choice of gold or…

Alex Miranda: “Swarovski crystals?”

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “You know it.”

Alex Miranda: “OK, let’s go glam.”

Too bad they didn’t offer me a tanning bed. The seeds are applied with surgical tape and can help relieve pain.

Dr. Elizabeth Trattner: “You just apply pressure where the ear seeds are, and it helps stimulate a tremendous amount of nerves that are located in the ear.”

I think I feel it, but mostly, I just like how they look.

Gua Sha and Cupping
$175 for 45-minute sessions
Dr. Elizabeth Trattner
1901 NE 168th St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33162
Website: elizabethtrattner.com
Instagram: @dreliztratts

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