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Why stress in the kitchen this holiday season, when you can let a private chef take care of everything for you? And this chef rolls out the red carpet. Check it out.

You don’t have to be an A-lister to eat like one.

Daniella Abraham, aka Chef Danie, is South Florida’s chef to the stars. Oprah, DJ Khaled and Diddy have all enjoyed her over-the-top dishes, like Chanel pancakes and gold-coated filet mignon.

Now you can, too.

Chef Danie: “I believe that luxury should be a lifestyle that’s available to everyone., so, no, you do not have to be an A-lister to hire me. You’re still going to get the same treatment, you’re still going to feel like a million bucks.”

Chef Danie’s culinary creations are personalized for each client, like Iani, who hired the chef for her intimate holiday dinner.

Iani: “Everything that she does is according to the person and sometimes even their background. It’s a pleasure to have her here, and everybody’s excited about the food.”

So what’s on the menu for the evening? For starters, sushi wrapped in 24-karat gold.

Chef Danie: “I think that we owe it to ourselves for us to treat ourselves with some kind of indulgence here and there.”

Iani: “It was the best sushi I’ve ever had. Fresh. It’s so amazing.”

For the main course, chef-prepared pan seared duck with green beans and truffle sweet potato puree. Decadent … and festive.

Chef Danie: “It’s really seasonal, it’s great for a holiday dinner.”

Speaking of the holidays, she put tequila shots in tiny Christmas tree ornaments! How cute is that?

But that’s not all that was on the drink menu.

This cocktail is smashing, because it’s a vodka mule injected in an ice sphere. You have to crack the ice with a hammer to get your drink on.

Iani: “I loved using the hammer and cracking it, and to tell you the truth, that taste was just perfect. Not too much alcohol, it was the perfect holiday treat.”

Caue Mattner, guest: “I don’t drink alcohol, but this cocktail is so smooth and so, like, fresh and light that I had to drink it.”

So, if you’re missing those holiday parties this year, don’t worry. Chef Danie can come to you, and be the life of the party.

Iani: “This was just the best holiday event that I’ve had all year.”

Chef Danie also loves doing brunch.

Chef Danie

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