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Who doesn’t love Hawaii?

And we’re not saying that because we always get lei’d there.

But for the cast of a new Netflix adventure flick, it was sort of a rough go in paradise — and I’m referring to more than just the jet lag, which is brutal.

Hawaiian kids raised in New York find themselves back on O’ahu in a new adventure comedy!

Alex Aiono (as Ioane): “I’m not spending my senior year stuck on this stupid island.”

But, honestly, who could possibly be mad about getting stuck in Hawaii? I mean, let’s be real.

Alex Aiono: “I’m waking up every morning to the sunrise and then, you know, having dinner at the sunset, and realizing how incredible it is, then getting on set and having to act like I was having a terrible time.”

But back to the plot! A sudden need for cash…

Kelly Hu (as Leilani): “Final notice? You’re about to lose your house!”

Branscombe Richmond (as Kimo): “This is our ‘ohana’s land. I’m gonna die before I leave it.”

and a discovery…

Trailer: “He was a sailor on the Peruvian. The Peruvian’s treasure is legendary.”

…send two siblings, and new friends, on an epic adventure inside a mountain! Beats Central Park, amiright??

Trailer: “What do you think’s down there? (screaming)”

But, you don’t see many green screens around these parts! This action was uncomfortably close!

Kea Peahu: As much as it is an adventure in the movie for the characters, I feel like it was actually an adventure for us. You know, there were bats. I mean, they were literally flying over our heads. There were snake wranglers that had to watch.”

And the Brooklynites find more than just creepy creatures on their journey. It helps them reconnect with their Hawaiian heritage!

Alex Aiono (as Ioane): “I just want to grab my sister who thinks she’s Indiana Jones.”

Lindsay Watson (as Hana) “We’ll get them.”

Kelly Hu (as Leilani): “My kids are inside a mountain looking for some Spanish gold?!”

Lindsay Watson: “It was ridiculous how happy we were for two months straight filming this movie. I mean, it didn’t matter how tired we were, 16-hour days, covered in dirt, you know, busted up. I mean, I had bruises galore, ’cause we… We went for our stunts. I mean, we didn’t play around.”

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