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Deco Drive hasn’t been about our fabulous outfits and personalities all the time. We’ve also profiled some artists and local buisinesses from time to time, and many of them credit our little old show with launching their careers. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who we launched into superstardom in late 2019, has the story.

Girls, I used to have abs before I started working here — like a good two of them — but after tasting all the decadent desserts on this show, they’re all gone.

We can’t celebrate 25 years of Deco Drive without…

Alex Miranda: “I’m Cuban, so, of course, guava, queso crema.”

Healthy foods! Just kidding. South Florida’s number 1 entertainment show is also its favorite for guilt-free foodies.

Like Andrew, who opened Night Owl Cookies in 2012.

Andrew Gonzalez, owner, Night Owl Cookies: “Nobody believed in me except for Deco Drive. They got me on air very quickly!”

One of our producers made the first ever order, and the moment that segment aired…

Andrew Gonzalez: “Our phones are blowing up. It was crazy. I couldn’t meet demand.”

Here you can find all kinds of creative cookie concoctions, and Andrew says he knows the recipe for success.

Andrew Gonzalez: “Deco Drive has also not stayed stagnant. They’ve really stayed relevant.”

And he wanted to help us celebrate.

Andrew Gonzalez: “I made you guys a nice little birthday cake cookie cake. White chocolate, milk chocolate, some sprinkles.”

Even homegrown 2021 Grammy nominees Black Violin call Deco Drive one of their career highlights.

Kev Marcus, Black Violin: “I’ve been stopped more for the Deco interview from last month than I have been for the Grammy nom!”

And they’re just as surprised it’s already been this long.

Will B, Black Violin: “It’s legendary. What would South Florida be without Deco Drive?”

The classical-meets-hip-hop act have sold out some of the most prestigious stages in the country, but the duo still reminisce about their first Deco appearance.

Kev Marcus: “We were on set, and we just played out. I wanna say we played the theme song to Deco.”

Will B: “We credit South Florida, man. We credit Deco Drive. Grammy nominated. We’re gonna win it, too.” (laughs)


Night Owl Cookies

Black Violin

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