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MIAMI (WSVN) – An army veteran who claims he was roughed up by a Miami Police officer a few years ago is outraged after learning an internal affairs investigation has exonerated the officer who took him into custody.

Though the officer involved in his arrest was cleared of any wrongdoing, a recent report by an independent civilian review panel came to a different conclusion.

On Thursday, Oscar Julien-Riou and his attorney Rawsi Williams said they are moving forward with legal action after the  arrest back on Dec. 10, 2018.

“Excessive force, sustained. Unnecessary force, sustained. False arrest, sustained,” said Williams.

The results from the independent civilian review panel differ from the findings of the Miami Police Department and the State Attorney’s Office.

“The reason we are here is that the police chief, that person who has that ultimate authority to come in and correct a behavior of his officers, has refused to discipline this officer,” said Williams.

Julien-Riou, an army veteran and retired nurse, was sitting in Alonzo Kelly Park on the night of his arrest.

He was recording a video as he spoke out loud, to capture his thoughts.

It was just after 7 p.m. when he was approached by a Miami Police officer.

“You know the park is closed at this time, right?” asked the officer.

“Oh, no. Nuh-uh, OK,” replied Julien-Riou.

There were no signs indicating a closing time at the park, but Julien-Riou agreed to leave.

“I live right over here,” he said. “OK, I’ll close up.”

“You have nothing in that hand, right?” asked the officer.

“No. No,” said Julien-Riou.

The officer accused him of throwing something to the ground and he then took Julien-Riou to the ground.

“Why are you doing this to me?” Julien-Riou said.

Julien-Riou was arrested for resisting an officer, a charge that has since been dropped.

He said what happened that night continues to haunt him.

“It was uncalled for,” Julien-Riou said. “That really hurt my soul. I really don’t want to say much, everything has been said.”

Julien-Riou and Williams plan on filing a lawsuit against the Miami Police chief and the arresting officer next week.

They’re also asking the public to reach out to city leaders.

“Let them know that you’re not happy about how they’re operating and treating this Black veteran and tell them that you want discipline instilled against this officer,” said Williams.

7News has reached out to the mayor’s office and the Miami Police Department, but in the past has been told there’s no comment on pending legal action.

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