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Like Deco, Fox’s show “Duncanville” knows how to put the fun in dysfunctional.

The brains behind this hilarious hit is comedy guru Amy Poehler.

Amy knows funny. And considering she plays a 15-year-old boy, apparently she knows teenagers too.

Kick off the week with your favorite 15-year-old, Duncan Harris in “Duncanville.”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan): “I’m sleeping.”

Amy Poehler (as Annie): “Everybody out of the caskets!”

Fox’s fun-loving animated show about a teenage boy and his family proves every family has drama!

Amy Poehler: “Parenting today is this very weird mix of old and new school stuff. And being a teenager still feels like you’re misunderstood.”

Amy Poehler voices both Duncan and his mom.

And if that’s not enough work, she’s also the show’s co-creator and executive producer. Impressive!

Amy Poehler (as Annie): “Enjoy your movie, sweetie.”

Amy Poehler (as Duncan): “Don’t tell me what to do!”

Geez! That’s a lot of work

But that explains why Poehler knows so much about the series.

Amy Poehler: “I feel like there’s so many places that a person could come in to the show, whether it be the anxious mom who’s worried about what her dumb son is going to do, or it’s the dumb son who thinks he could be a tech genius.”

For Amy, being both an actor and a boss let’s her push the envelope.

Amy Poehler: “It should feel a little edgy because we want young people to feel like they’re watching something that’s a little too old for.”

“Duncanville” may seem like it crosses the line, but it doesn’t! After all, they have rules to follow.

And, this wasn’t the first show to bring animated edge to TV.

Amy Poehler: “It’s why ‘The Simpsons’ was so brilliant. People forget ‘The Simpsons’ was on broadcast TV, like they didn’t get to say and do whatever they wanted, but it always felt a little too adult. The parameters of that are just really fun, rules, breaking rules, and playing within rules.”

We’re only a few shows into season, but get ready for more!

The show has already been renewed for a third season!

Amy Poehler: “It was a really, really nice gesture and a huge boost of confidence.”

If Amy has her way, the show will go on and on and on!

Amy Poehler: “In my dream world, the show goes forever. I love the cast so much. They’re so talented. I feel like this Harris family could just live in your own house for a really long time.”

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