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NEAR BOYNTON BEACH, Fla. (WSVN) — Beachgoers near Boynton Beach were shocked to find what looked like a bright orange missile on the sand. It turned out to be a U.S. Air Force drone that had washed ashore.

People who spotted the drone, Friday morning, slowly walked away from it and dialed 911.

“At 7:30, we received a call from Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office Marine Unit that was stationed over at the Boynton Inlet that a passer-by had reported what they thought was a missile,” said Ocean Ridge Police Chief Hal Hutchins. “It turned out to be a military target drone on the beach, in the surf.”

Beachgoers didn’t know if it was a missile, so they steered clear before authorities arrived.

“The sheriff responded, along with our officers, and deterimed that it was, in fact, a military object,” said Hutchins.

The beaches were closed until PBSO and Ocean Ridge Police could determine what it was and clear it away.

“The item is a drone from the Air Force. It is being removed by Air Force personnel,” said Hutchins. “It is safe. It is a heavy piece of flight gear that washed up on the beach.”

The drone had instructions on it for what to do in case it was found. It is a subscale BQM-167A drone that is used for target practice during weapons training.

Officials said the drone was likely shot down two to three months ago.

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