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In South Florida, we have to make the most of our cool days.

You can finally wear a jacket, a hat or cute boots, but that’s on the outside.

On the inside, you need hot chocolate, and there’s no better way of warming up to hot chocolate than the kind we found.

The hot chocolates at Miami’s Cream Parlor are steaming cups of creativity.

Ainsley Sheppard: “The thing here at Cream Parlor is we’ll pretty much make anything that you can dream up.”

She’s not kidding. Their hot chocolates are over the top. Over the top of the mugs!

Ainsley Sheppard: “We rim the edge with Nutella all the way around. Then we make hot chocolate, and then we top it with whipped cream, and then we do Reese’s. Then we drizzle it with chocolate and gold dust.”

Heather Leigh, customer: “It definitely goes overboard, and it satisfies every aspect you are looking for. It’s salty, sweet, warm and cold at the same time. It’s a treat.”

The hot chocolate starts at about $7, but the sugar rush you’ll get is priceless.

Exquisito Chocolate in Little Havana knows their stuff.

Carolina Quijano, owner: “When it gets a little chilly here, I recommend trying our hot chocolate spoons.”

This candy factory’s hot chocolate spoons will stir something in you.

Carolina Quijano, owner: “We make the chocolate from the beans. From there, we melt it down and temper it. We form them into little chocolate cubes, and then we stick a spoon into it so you can stir it into hot milk.”

The spoons are $4, and they come in five flavors. From mint to marshmallow, you’ll definitely find a fave.

Carolina Quijano, owner: “This fresh chocolate tastes like heaven in your mouth.”

Karla Rivera: “I love the packaging. The concept is very clean and a lot of fun.”

The W South Beach has an adult version of this tasty delight.

Jonathan Rodriguez: “We did a boozy hot chocolate program with tequila base.”

The W mixes cayenne, spices and Dano’s tequila for a sweet and spicy kick.

Jonathan Rodriguez: “We include tequila in the hot chocolate in the base itself, so after we cook up the cream, we would cool it down and put the tequila in.”

Mixology magic turns the drink into a warm foamy treat. Then things really heat up.

Jonathan Rodriguez: “We put some Grand Marnier, light it on fire, so you get some roasted orange flavor. Then we extinguish the fire with the hot chocolate that has the Dano’s tequila inside of it.”

This boozy beverage cost $18 and is worth every sip.

Jackie Dinarte: “The boozy hot chocolate is delicious. It’s comforting like a regular hot chocolate but has that extra kick.”

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