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The streets of South Florida are paved with gold because there’s a treasure waiting for South Florida’s greatest scavenger hunter. For more, let’s go to Alex Miranda. A man who doesn’t need a treasure map to know where the pleasure is. Is that true, Alex?

X marks the spot! Now, next Saturday, we’ve all got a shot at $10,000!

It’s all across Miami, but if you’re really smart and bring the brainiac in your pod, you would take Lynn, Shireen and me out to lunch, right?

A treasure hunt awaits, all across Miami, next Saturday!

Ian Lovejoy, Treasure Quest Adventures: “We wanted to come up with something that families could do, something that was COVID-conscious, something that could get people outdoors.”

Treasure Quest Adventures is using virtual and physical clues to help you find…

“$10,000 in cash.”

Schmoneyyy, as Cardi B would say.

Here’s how it works! On the 27th at 11 a.m, you’ll get a link texted to you. Then, you solve a series of clues, puzzles and riddles, which will get harder as you go! Oh, and you’ll need a car.

Ian Lovejoy: “You’re going to want to have a fully-charged smart device and a pad and a pencil and a gassed up car, because you’re going to be driving around.”

Everybody can play.

Alex Miranda: “A clue!”

But only one can win the $10,000!

Ian Lovejoy: “It starts out relatively simple with simple clues, quiz questions and trivia questions.”

Alex Miranda: “I am made of eight letters, can hold one inside. Pay a small amount, send me for a ride. What am I?”

Oh, envelope!

Alex Miranda: “Envelope, six, seven, eight, yeah! This is so embarrassing!”

Ian Lovejoy: “The back half is for the true competitors, who are really going to make it to the $10,000.”

Oh, I know how this goes…

“So now that I got the answer to the easy question…”

I phoned a friend for the rest of the scavenger hunt.

Alex Miranda: “Let’s find the $10,000!”

But, that was a bust.

Alex Miranda: “You’re no help!”

Tickets are $55, and part of the proceeds go to Feeding South Florida, so a win-win, whether you win or not.

Alex Miranda: “You know what? I’ve looked all over the place. I can’t find the $10,000 anywhere. Good luck to all of you guys, but at this point, I’m out.”

Get ready! It’s next Saturday, and they have three more $1,000 hunts each Saturday after that.


Treasure Quest Adventures’ $10,000 Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, Feb. 27
Visit the website below to register:

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